Jay Gruska – Which One Of Us Is Me (Warner Brothers Records)

Songwriters – Jay and various

Lenny Waronker, then president of Warner Brothers Records said yes when I asked if I could do a solo album and produce it as well.  He was cool to do that,  must have been in a very good mood and I’ll never forget it.  This project was, as I am, very eclectic and not always sure of who it was musically, hence the title: ‘Which One Of Us Is Me’.  Sometimes one’s interest in many styles does not a balanced album maketh. but that is what showed up for me at the time and I really had fun with it, especially working with lots of songwriters and  musicians whom I both idolized and called friends like: Steve Lukather, Michael Landau, Abraham Laboriel, Carlos Vega, Vinnie Colliuta, Doane Perry, John Robinson, Nathan East, Mike Porcaro, Tony Berg, Michael Omartian and Neal Stubenhaus,  to name a bunch.  I wrote an instrumental piece in honor of my just born daughter, Barbara,  and absolutely loved working with Jeremy Lubbock and the orchestra. It was a pivotal moment for me in shifting towards film composition as an additional musical expression.  Included here is an experiment that never made it to the record, Sybil, but I wanted to share it here.  And small point of interest–‘Circus’ was written for the cool drummer in The Belle Brigade…….she was cool even then.

Play Buy Track Album Length Date Posted
  Take a Number J. Gruska-J. Wiliiams 3:19 Warner Brothers Records
  Which One Of Us Is Me J. Gruska-P. Gordon 3:27 Warner Brothers Records
  Atlanta Calling J. Gruska-M. Landau-R. Freeland 3:25 Warner Brothers Records
  Cancun J. Gruska-P. Gordon 3:27 Warner Brothers Records
  Tattoo J. Gruska-T. Berg 4:18 Warner Brothers Records
  Circus J. Gruska-P. Gordon 3:38 Warner Brothers Records
  Barbara's Theme J. Gruska 2:56 Warner Brothers Records
  Sybil J. Gruska 6:52