Jay Gruska – Gruska on Gruska (ABC Dunhill Records)

Songwriter – Jay Gruska

Well, all I can say is that I was in my third year of college writing songs in the practice rooms and one day I go to get a haircut and the barber, Jeffrey Spirit, says to me, “I know a manager, can I play him your demo?”  Three months later I had a solid manager, Joel Cohen of Kudo III Mngmt. and a record deal with ABC Dunhill and I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing.  I didn’t even name the album (so don’t blame me),  all I cared about was trying to write good songs and working with good musicians, so they paired me with the outstanding Michael Omartian to produce (his first production) and we had some musical legends play on the record.  Larry Carlton and Dean Parks (pre Steely Dan), Wilton Felder, Ed Greene, David Hungate (pre Toto), Bobby Torres, Max Bennet and Jim Hughart to name some. I was as green as they come but I knew I was surrounded by awesome musicians and singers, including my sister Michele, a much better singer than I.

With that said, sorry for the vocals, lots of the lyrics and some of the songs, most of which are not included here. You can tell by the back of the album cover that I’m still too embarrassed to show the front.  I didn’t think anyone would ever see it again because I probably own the last dozen copies on the planet, but I have just gotten word that it is being re-released in Japan in October 2010, by Universal Music. What is here is by many of your requests.  Apparently my scheme to have this record forgotten didn’t work—-but the night is young.

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  Every Time I Try (Excerpt) Album - Gruska on Gruska 4:01 ABC Dunhill Records
  Adele (Excerpt) Album - Gruska on Gruska 3:27 ABC Dunhill Records
  Close Your Eyes (Excerpt) Album - Gruska on Gruska 3:00 ABC Dunhill Records