“Ruby And The Rockits” – ABC Family 1/2 Hour Sitcom

Composer/Co-Songwriter/Music Producer – Jay Gruska

This was a great opportunity to work with some old pals including the multi-faceted Shaun Cassidy, who created, wrote and produced this good hearted show, as well as writing songs for it. Shaun gave me the fun task of writing and producing “Spinal Tap-esque” songs for his made-up ’80’s rock band “The Rockits” to play on screen. Shaun and his co-writer/co-producer for the show, Marsh McCall, wrote all the hysterical ‘clueless rock band’ lyrics and we laughed our way through the project.  Vocals are by David and Patrick Cassidy, who also starred in the show.

Play Buy Track Album Length Date Posted
  Love Mask Ruby And The Rockits 3:18 Music- J. Gruska Lyric- S. Cassidy/M. McCall
  Make Love On My Money Ruby And The Rockits 3:35 Music- J. Gruska Lyric- S. Cassidy/M. McCall
  Only A Dream Lasts Forever Ruby And The Rockits 2:38 Music & Lyric by J. Gruska & S. Cassidy