“Charmed” – WB 1 Hour Drama/Series

[/audio]Composer – Jay Gruska

I started on the very first season of Charmed and alternated writing the music for every other episode until the series ended 8 years later. About 86 episodes! The show continues to be one of the most watched international TV shows.

Included here is the End Title music, which interestingly I have gotten many thousands of requests for. Enjoy it in all it’s 30 second glory.


Play Buy Track Album Length Date Posted
  Charmed End Title Charmed 0:38
  Isis Theme Charmed 2:45
  A Bit of Celtic Charmed 2:25
  Bizzare Bazaar Charmed 2:32
  Impish Charmed 1:59
  Meanderings Charmed 3:07
  The Power of Three Charmed 2:10
  Charmingly Funky Charmed 0:52
  Ethereal Charmed 1:50
  Slightly South Of The Border Charmed 0:59
  Nino Rota-esque Charmed 0:50