Three Dog Night Rumor?

Over the years I’ve been asked if it’s true that I toured with Three Dog Night,  I thought this was a good place to set the record straight since Wikipedia has as much opinion as it does fact.  After writing a couple of songs for them, and doing some background vocals on one of their albums, I was asked to do a national tour of 10 to 12 thousand seat venues as the ‘3rd Dog’, as it were.  They had been at it for the last 6 or 7 years as one of the biggest bands in the world, doing stadium tours, and now they were going to do smaller venues, a mere 10, 000 people.  Having played mostly clubs until then, these were giant venues for me and I was both thrilled and petrified.  I had an incredibly great time singing with Cory Wells and Chuck Negron—both amazing singers.  I had a chance to play piano on a couple of songs in the set and most amazingly, that band could do a 90 minute set of ALL HITS.  The first picture below, (sorry about the quality) was the last gig of the tour at the Greek Theater in L.A.

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