“Shadow Dancing”-Feature Film

This is the second movie I ever scored. The fun part was blending contemporary songs and score with more traditional orchestral scoring. I co-wrote the main title song, ‘Shadow Dance’, with a great pal, and wonderful singer song-writer, Marc Jordan, who wrote the lyric and sang it beautifully. Michael Landau and Steve Tavaglione were featured instrumentalists throughout the score. This project also started a several year collaboration with a fantastic Synclavier programmer and magician named Todd Yvega, who split his time between my studio and Frank Zappa’s. Although this was a Canadian film, we recorded the 40 piece orchestra and other ensembles in Los Angeles.

Genie Award Nomination (Canadian Academy Award)

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  Shadow Dance 4:03 SONG - Music: Jay Gruska, Lyric & Vocal: Marc Jordan
  Primary Theme 2:59
  Opening Credits 2:14
  Some of This Some of That 2:48
  Apparition :54
  Make It Up 2:05 SONG - Music & Lyric: Jay Gruska, Vocal: Joseph Williams